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Stop Body Shaming

  For this particular topic, I am really struggling with where to begin so I will just simply go with the flow. Since time immemorial, my country people have always had issues with how women look and dress. Let me take you back to the time a woman was stripped naked in Blantyre town for wearing something “the streets” deemed inappropriate. The strange thing about cases like these, is the fact that most of the clothes that are seen as not fit to wear are actually sold by the same vendors that undress women. If people are not talking about how short something a woman is wearing, they are talking about how fat, slim, figureless one is. They are including in their diction words that are demeaning and inappropriate. Fast forward to last week, there was an inaugural annual fashion show event at Bingu International Conference center (BICC) by Mabel Khonje dubbed “Boudoir” which translates to a woman’s private bedroom. The fashion show was showcasing lingerie and swim suits. To keep you up t
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Challenge accepted

  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED Late to the party, but here I am. English men say “better late than never.” There was a lot of second guessing for me to get here. But let’s do this. To be honest, the corona virus pandemic added on struggles that were already there for me as a creative and a human being. Since this theme is being wrapped up today I will highlight the highs and lows in as far as being a creative is concerned. In my other life, I was definitely your tuber and a podcaster. Trust me I have been wanting to start a podcast for the past non-existent 10,000 years. I wanted to tackle everything and anything that happens around me because I love talking. While at it, I had imagined myself making a little something from it. That podcast is still a dream in the making because of the virus. Enlisted the help of four other friends of mine from secondary school so we could address what it  is about Marymount Girls in Mzuzu, Malawi. Due to physical gathering limitations and of course high data co


 The last time I ever felt this kind of feeling was when Paul Walker of the fast and the furious died. I don’t even know where to begin but if you followed how excited people were about black panther then you should not be surprised at the  flowers and messages that are flooding in for Chadwick Boseman.Since time immemorial all the superheroes were white until king T'challa.When the black panther came out we could all resonate because this was the first superhero that represented us as a people, a culture and damn did he do it so well that Trump’s government wanted to partner with Wakanda not knowing it was a fictious country.Thats how much his character sold that movie.Thats how much his character gave us a sense of confidence and pride. Now behind the scenes, Chadwick was fighting a big battle, was being a real hero in everything he was going through. Yet he still entertained us, walked with his chin held high like everything was okay. He made a mark, left footprints in the sand


  All the hero moments that I have experienced and imagined I would experience were in superhero movies among  them the amazing Spiderman and Avengers.2020 proved me and a lot of people wrong.I saw a real superhero on a real quest to save a life. Not in a million times would I have thought that I would see a statue dressed in  real  clothes breathing   making  demands  for something important *Life*.I believe that we were all taken  aback when  Patience Namadingo decided to go and stand at the projected place where the Mahatma Ghandi  statue will  be built .    Namadingo has already been mesmerizing us with his music and has our undivided attention since he  rebranded, surprised  us with the mash  Ups and the   Cover challenges that saw even our Zambian counterparts jump in.But this quest is sheer  genius. After  his effort to seek permission from Blantyre city council to raise funds for a fellow ailing musician William Kachigamba  proved  futile  Namadingo did the  unimaginable. The  

Emerging issues in SHRH amid-Covid-19

 Hey guys,I know it’s been a minute.A very long one.I hope you are keeping safe in the pandemic.Here is something I have written surrounding Sexual reproductive health rights and Covid-19 from a meeting a wa privileged to attend. Since Malawi recorded its first Covid-19 case in April, youth led organizations through collaborated efforts have been fighting against the pandemic.  The Corona Virus pandemic Covid-19 has greatly disrupted lives of people across the world especially young people. Figures shown by the World Health organization indicate that the pandemic is mostly affecting young people aged 20-39 years with most deaths occurring in ages 40 and above with most of them being male. According to the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA) 60% of the population in  country is made up of young people .  Young people’s lives have been affected greatly as schools are closed which has compromised education, social life no longer exists with the social distance procedures  which have fue
As we wrap up this decade,i thought maybe we can meditate upon what am about to share and maybe be extra careful when dealing with people. Have you noticed how when you try to tell people what you are going through they will act like they are listening and they will assure you that they understand everything that has to be understood? The next word out of their mouth will be but, if you have never heard it trust me it’s a very big “ BUT ” Bree no one has it together. There is someone going through worse, you have a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear a family that cares about you bla bla bla. Or they will try and find someone who in their thinking is going through the same problem as you, and they will be like look at oomph, she is in the situation n like you but she is handling it so well. I honestly find it emotionally dismissive for people to put my problems and another person’s problems on a scale. It’s like a battle of sexes which from my perspective no sex is better th
I have to admit that a lot has been going on since my last post. In between school and a whole lot of things called ‘Life’. To be honest though with this particular post I have been procrastinating a lot, but well here I am. I wrote it right after the world cup which most of us were probably just watching as a game. For the past month, the world was talking about one thing and one thing only that is the World Cup. Even those who are not football lovers were sucked into the world of football. The world cup was everywhere and if you had no privilege of watching it live, am sure social networks kept you informed about the biggest football event in the world. And thank you to WhatsApp statuses, even in transit we were able to watch those 64 games. This year’s world cup was particularly full of surprises and lessons, it got me thinking about life. Life is so much like football, you win some, lose some, draw some and sometimes you have to fight. Life is a rollercoaster. Sometimes you are